How to Get Gorgeous Pen Pals and the Woman of Your Dreams in Asia

This book was written from an American perspective on how to get gorgeous pen pals and the woman of your dreams in Asia. It was the result of the author’s own dating experiences, background, and his travel to some Asian countries, and his ongoing research. He spent many years in Asia where he conducted his own research on Asian Dating. Thus, this book reflects not only his knowledge and research, but also the deep-seated knowledge of brilliant and renowned experts with years of experience in their field. Only in this book can you read about the relatively new social phenomenon that has taken place in some quarters in the Philippines: “Husband’s switching”. This is the only book that exposes the “Pawn shop Factor” which is used as a potent tool by Filipino female con artists to siphon money out of their male pen pals. You will not read or find this well-kept secret story anywhere but here.

Are you single, divorced, or divorcing? Are you interested in learning new techniques and secrets on how to take your sex life in a new direction and to new heights? If so, the author has written this unique book with you in mind. This book is a must-read because it will give you necessary, sought-after information for your dating success that you won’t find anywhere else. You will read topics such as these and many others:

1. How to Connect with and Seduce a Filipino Woman Successfully, Online and In-Person
2. Some Filipino Women and Husbands’ Switching –New Trend and a Well-Kept Secret
3. Top Secrets to Seducing a Woman into Loving You
4. Why is it Necessary to Find Out if Your Filipina Girlfriend Still has a Boyfriend?
5. How to be a Confident and Attractive Man so Women will Gravitate Toward You
6. How to Seduce Her and Get Her into Bed
7. What Precautions Does a Foreign National Need to Take with His Filipino Pen Pal Online?
8. Some of the Stupidest Mistakes Most Foreigners Make Before Marrying Filipino Women
9. Is a Foreigner Under Obligation to Pay “Dowry” in Order to Marry a Filipina?
10. How to Make a Chinese Woman Fall in Love with You
11. How to Date and Seduce Chinese Women Online Successfully
12. What Should You be Aware of on Your First Face to Face Date with Your Chinese Girlfriend?
13. A Few Facts You Should Know Before Dating Chinese Women
14. What Precautions Does a Foreign National Need to Take with His Thai Pen pal Online?
15. Is Love Possible Between a Thai Woman and a Foreign National?
16. What to Say to a Thai Woman to Befriend Her Online?
17. What Does It take for a Thai Woman to Trust you as Her Boyfriend or Husband?
18. How Can Cultural Misunderstanding Wreak Havoc on a Marriage Between a Thai Female and Her Foreign National Husband?
19. Is the Marriage Dowry in Thailand a Scheme of Some Sort in Our 21St Century?
20. Tackling Your Fear of Rejection by Women with Confidence

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