2014 Australian Koala Silver Coin
2014 Australian Koala Silver Coin

2014 Chinese Panda Silver Coin
2014 Chinese Panda Silver Coin


Over mankind's history, where ever Gold has been used by societies in ages past as a recognized store of value, Silver has been there too. In fact, it may have been first. From King Pheidon of Argos, who had crude silver coins minted seven centuries before the birth of Christ, through trade routes that stretched from the Middle East all the way up to Russia and Scandinavia, silver coins have been part of the currency of commerce around the globe. Starting with the ancient Greek silver drachma and leading right through to modern history, silver coins have been a treasured store of value for societies from the Incas and the Spanish Empire to the U.S. Since the 1930's Silver has not been used in circulating coins, but be assured that silver coins are still being minted by governments around the world. In other words, welcome to the wonderful world of silver coin investing and the opportunities it offers a patient and astute investor to place their savings in a secure and timeless store of value.

Commemorative Silver Coins

From military victories to coronations, coins have been minted to commemorate a wide variety of milestone events. In the U.S. these are generally non-circulating and sold as such, but in the past some coins issued as limited commemorative coins, like the Washington Quarter, became so popular they eventually became circulating coins. In other countries, commemorative coins were more often circulating ones. Circulating silver coins in current times is, at best, a rarity.

Bullion Silver Coins

These are coins that are minted and sold primarily to investors, but they are, in fact, legal tender and have been issued by a number of governments, including China with its Silver Panda coin which was first issued in 1983. With a minimum guaranteed purity of 99.90 % these are some of the most trustworthy currencies one can find, and add security to anyone's portfolio.

Historical Silver Coins

Do you feel like holding a piece of history in the palm of your hand? Not only are historical coins currencies from earlier times, they are a record, etched in Silver, of crucial battles and world shaping events. The Siege of Vienna, for example, and the victory by a coalition of Austrian, German and Polish troops over the invading Ottoman Turks has it's sober and splendid commemorative coin prized by collectors. The Spanish Eight Reales, or Pieces-of-Eight, was legal tender in the U.S. until 1857 and a forerunner of the U.S. Silver Dollar. They were used throughout the Americas, an internationally recognized currency with none of the drawbacks of inflation debased, paper currencies.

Why Silver?

Because Silver is easily tradable, with a low bid-ask spread, and has a high value relative to its weight, it has always lent itself to minting. It is easily divisible into small, practical units because it is not as expensive as gold. A silver coin is lasting and durable with an easily verified weight and is therefore a store of value with an underlying intrinsic value as well. In a world racked by financial crises and inflation, where deficit spending and overworked printing presses erode our confidence in paper currencies, Silver coins are a refuge from the storm and a wonderful store of value for anyone with a little patience who wants to secure their financial future.


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