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A guide on Thailand real estate and how to choose the best real estate properties in Thailand. Useful tips include consulting a registered Thai lawyer, understanding the Thailand Amity Treaty and checking rules on Visa regulation and fees on taxes and property transfers.

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  Thailand Real Estate - How to choose the Best Properties

Author: Eve Howells

Why look for Thailand real estate?

Thailand is a colorful and diverse country that boasts of a booming tourist industry. It's where you can find several tourist attractions and entertainment hubs. That is why many foreign investors will want to get a home in Thailand. Many believe it is a wise investment because of the tax exemption. There exists regulations, however, when it comes to property ownership.

Below are some useful tips to be aware of when purchasing Thailand real estate:

- Consult a registered Thai lawyer

A registered Thai lawyer will help you if you are a foreigner who does not know how the local real estate market works. With Thailand homes for sale, you may need legal advice from an expert. Qualified Thai lawyers can help you fully grasp complex agreements by simplifying complicated terms and explaining the details of the contract. You could save yourself from making mistakes due to your lack of knowledge.

They're going to explain local real estate laws and make sure that any language barriers you encounter will not hinder you from knowing your contract. Using the services of Thai lawyers is a great move since they're useful sources of information and expertise.

Another person you should hire is a real estate agent. Whenever possible, you have to surround yourself with individuals that know what they're doing. Avoid becoming some of those businessmen that buy properties in Thailand without familiarizing themselves with the procedures. They wind up falling for shady deals and regretting it. With a real estate agent at your side, you can avoid any legal issues while safeguarding your property.

-Understand the Thailand Amity Treaty

Foreign investors need to follow a standard procedure in accordance to the Thailand Amity treaty. They will have to look into the rules concerning corporate taxes before becoming owners of any commercial property.

-Consider the rules and regulations when you look for Thailand homes for sale

Foreign investors must always do their research and fully grasp local real estate policies and regulations before buying a Thailand property. Thai residents can register property ownership under residential purposes. There are certain restrictions for foreigners.

Foreigners are only able to own 1 Rai or 0.39 acres. For people who want to put up a company, their capital must be around 40-50 million Baht. The 'Ministry of Interior' must approve all of your documents, specially your construction permits.

-Check rules on Visa regulation and fees on taxes and property transfers.

Foreigners should think about the duration of their stay in the country. Are they here on a short-term or long-term basis? Foreign investors will have to ensure that their visas are in order. Once again, a Thai lawyer will help you understand Visa regulations of Thailand. Knowing how long you intend to stay will help you enjoy your property without the hassles. Lastly, understand the taxes and transfer fees before getting the deed of ownership.

-Select reliable homebuilders with a good track record

A good broker can safeguard your interests. This individual will make sure that the rates and prices you're quoted fall within industry standards.

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About the Author

Eve Howells is a real estate agent that knows thailand homes for sale and could explain thailand real estate to foreign investors.




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