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A strip of four postage stamps which were issued by the country of Burundi in the year 1971 featuring various African Animals which include a Sable Antelope, a Bongo, an Ostrich and a Caracal cat. This strip of postage stamps is identified as being Scott Catalog # C151. Each stamp has the scientific name for each animal which include Hippotragus Niger - Sable Antelope, Lynx Caracal - Caracal, Struthio Camelus - Common Ostrich and Boocercus Eurycerus - Bongo. A bongo is a forest dwelling antelope found in sub Saharan Africa

Burundi 1971 African Animals Strip of Postage Stamps
Burundi 1971 Sable Antelope Postage Stamp
Burundi 1971 Caracal Postage Stamp
Burundi 1971 Ostrich Postage Stamp
Burundi 1971 Bongo Postage Stamp

Please contact us if you would be interested in purchasing this strip of vintage postage stamps for adding to your collection of postage stamps that have an African Animal theme.